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    Game&Chatbox Rules


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    Game&Chatbox Rules

    Post  Admin on Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:43 pm

    Player Rules

    1. Do not outright disrespect a [PM] or [GM] in game or in the chatroom.

    2. Do not ask any [PM] or [GM] for cps or items. They will not help you.

    3. Do not attack a PM/GM in any map for any reason.

    4. Do not post foul language (cussing, racism) through the in-game Broadcast.

    5. Do not make derogatory remarks against a person's race, gender, religious affiliation or sexual preference.

    6. Bots, Scripts, and Programs that enable speeding, wall jumping, aimbotting, and autohunting will not be tolerated at any time for any reason. Using a bot of any type will result in account deletion.

    7. As a courtesy for others with slower or older computers, please do not use the 2nd RB skill Bless (Lucky Time) in the center of Twin City or in the Market near the MarkController. If you must use the skill while you are away from your computer, be considerate and move to the grassy areas of either location.

    8. Have fun. Regardless of what happens in-game, remember that this is just a game and do not let a situation get out of your control. We are all here to enjoy a game after all.

    9 . Advertisemen t for another private CO server on our in-game broadcast, forums, or chat is prohibited. Your character will immediately be deleted for this.

    10. Transparent garments are not allowed on this server. If you are caught with one, you will be asked ONCE to hand the garment to a [PM]. If you do not answer or refuse, your character will be deleted.

    11. Finding and exploiting a bug in the game can or will result in an immediate ban and deletion of your account without notice.

    12. Buying and selling accounts is strictly prohibited. Infractions will result in account deletion.


    1. With power comes responsibility. Your primary responsibility, while logged in as a GM or PM, is to assist our members with problems / questions...

    2. You agree to abide by all of the following rules...

    3. You will in no way use your privileges to benefit any of your personal characters..

    4. You will in no way abuse your authority against anyof our members, for any reason..

    5. You will not donate any amounts of Gold to promote your PM or GM character past the rank of Earl..

    6 .You will not spawn and give items to any member or character, unless directed..

    7. You will not allow to PK anyone in any area unless they PK you.

    8. You are not allow to kick anyone unless players spawn broadcast, cheats, advertise other server and scolding GMs and PMs or HellGateCo community.

    9. If you are found to have not abided by these rules, your PM / GM character will be DELETED, along with any character that may have benefited from the abuse of your account.

    10. You are not allow to spawn items, transfer CPS/Gold to players unless you are told to do so....

    PS:Above rules are subjected to changed anytime, you are advise to periodically refer back to the rules.

    1. Don't spam the chatbox. Spamming includes posting excessive amounts of smiles,excessive amounts of pictures or simply posting over and over again when the chatbox is inactive, among other things - you might get a warning or banned for a day.

    2. Use English. - Since the forum itself is in English. And its best for everyone to understand yo. (who speak English.)

    3. Don't use the IMG code for oversize images. Link to the image with the format at the end. e.g. http://www.imagehostdomain.com/image.jpg -

    4.Don't advertise your site in the chatbox. there's a forum for that. link - however you are allowed to share any links like articles,videos,images etc. =p

    5.Don't post inappropriate stuff. - Find any stuff that's inappropriate? report to a mod about the issue.

    6.If you ask a question in the chatbox and no one responded. ask in the forums. - FAQ & Forum Help or Website Help wait for a reply there. -

    7.Do not USE ALL CAPS.

    8.Don't use bad language this is the main forum page you are posting on, it's in clear view of all users.

    9.Do not make a nuisance of yourself The chatbox is for the whole community to use if you find a conversation uninteresting then don't post rather than trying to interrupt the conversation with comments such as "this is boring" to get attention. Like wise do not post annoying things just to get attention (this also counts as spam). Anyone caught causing annoyance to other members will be issued a warning and possible be muted

    10.Respect members + Have Fun!

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